Pressburst is an online communications platform for publicising news, jobs and events. Pressburst is now used by over 500 independent schools to compose news stories, list job vacancies or highlight forthcoming events.

With Pressburst, you only need to upload your content once - you can then publish it to a growing number of exclusive channels, as well as directly to your own website, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

1. News

Pressburst radically simplifies the process of creating, publishing and promoting news stories to the media. As well as guiding you through the composition of the story, Pressburst simplifies social media, enabling you to post directly to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as creating a professional press release.

2. Jobs

Pressburst makes listing and managing job vacancies easy. You can quickly and easily upload all the information, choosing when to start promoting the job. The vacancy is listed on a number of exclusive Channel Partner job portals relevant to your organisation, and can also be integrated into your own website.

3. Events

Pressburst helps you to gain as much publicity as possible for your forthcoming events. Add dates and events information fast and choose when to start promoting them. With integrated social media promotion, as well as via our exclusive Channel Partners, events gain maximum exposure.

New features coming Q2 2018

NEW! Pressburst now supports jobs
Watch how easy it is to add job vacancies from your school
to the new Independent Schools Council jobs portal:

Add job vacancies to the ISC, GSA, IAPS and the Society of Heads
websites all from one easy-to-use system.

Pressburst is in use by over 500 independent schools, saving their staff a huge amount of time and enhancing all their press, HR and events communications.

Our exclusive Channel Partners include:



Pressburst makes online publishing and communications easy - upload once and distribute your content with ease. Put the power of Pressburst to work on your own website by integrating news, jobs and events content.

Publish to your website

Connect Pressburst to your website and power your own news, jobs or events section, saving you the hassle of uploading content twice. Easily embed Pressburst content or ask your web developers to use our comprehensive API.

Send press releases

Give journalists what they need with a professionally formatted press release containing your story and a covering message. Send messages with ease, whilst simultaneously publishing the story to other channels.

Multiple channels

When you publish your news story, job vacancy or event information, it is instantly made available to a growing number of exclusive Channel Partners relevant to your organisation and sector, enabling you to maximise exposure.

Publish collaboratively

Work with colleagues to create stories together, with multiple user accounts per organisation and different permissions for editors and contributors. Marketing, HR and Administration staff can all use Pressburst at no extra charge.

Tweet from one place

You don't need to login to Twitter to tweet your news, job vacancy or event - with just one click, you can send a photo and headline directly from your own Twitter account. Or post your story directly to Facebook - it's all just a click away.

Upload once and distribute

Pressburst saves you time as you only need to upload your content once before making it available to our Channel Partners. Pressburst is easy to use, has comprehensive online help and includes free technical support.

Pressburst costs just £240 + VAT per annum
(or £480 + VAT for our new professional plan)

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