Pressburst helps you simplify the process of sending press releases, promoting news stories and gaining the best possible print, online and social media coverage for all your news stories.

1. Create

Pressburst helps you compose your story - with a separate headline and pull-out standfirst - and lets you include multiple photos in a gallery.

2. Publish

Pressburst lets you publish your story to your website whilst making it available to a growing number of online channels relevant to your organisation.

3. Promote

Pressburst simplifies social media, enabling you to post directly to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as creating a professional press release.

Pressburst radically simplifies the process of
creating, publishing and promoting news stories to the media.

Send press releases

Give journalists what they need with a professionally formatted press release containing your story and a covering message.

Publish to your website

Connect Pressburst to your website and power your own news section, saving you the hassle of uploading news twice.

Multiple channels

When you publish your story, it is instantly made available to a growing number of channels relevant to your organisation and sector.

Publish collaboratively

Work with colleagues to create stories together, with multiple user accounts per organisation and different permissions for editors and contributors.

Tweet from one place

You don't need to login to Twitter to tweet your story - with just one click, you can send a photo and headline directly from your account.

Update Facebook

Post your story directly to Facebook with one click. No need to cut-and-paste or upload new images, it's all handled automatically.

Pressburst is in use by over 400 independent schools,
saving their marketing teams a huge amount of time
and enhancing all their press and social media communications.

Our education channels include:

Send your news everywhere

Use Pressburst as a tool to manage all your news stories for all the media outlets you want to talk to: magazines, newspapers and broadcast journalists.

Give journalists what they need

Don’t send huge attachments or multiple emails. With Pressburst, it is easy to send professionally-formatted press releases, with high resolution photos.

Upload once and distribute

Pressburst saves you time as you only need to upload your story once before making it available to a growing number of channels.

Target your releases

Manage press contacts using an address book, assigning tags to group together specific contacts or publications for different types of stories.

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